What day is it?

I’m a tracker. I keep track of things. The miles I run (yog), the number of books I read in a month, calories consumed and thus need to be burned, the money I spend, and I have multiple calendars going at once, tracking my life by the hour, by the day. Now it’s the number of pages or the minutes I spend, actual time, butt in the chair…writing. So it is Day 5. I made the commitment to myself in my writing group on January 6th. Not going to lie it’s already hard. The juggling of work, kids, workout, just life stuff. Actual writers, REAL writers getting it done, I mean really getting shit done, HEROES I tell you.

So what does 5 days really mean? It means I made it past Day 2. What it means is I’m not yet at that “magic” 2 week and it’s officially a lifestyle and a habit, seemingly as natural as anything else you do on a day to day basis. I’m still in that window of time where everything still seems forced and unnatural. Where everything takes twice as much effort and determination than it should. But I have to say *whisper* it feels good. Really good. I feel at ease with myself. Sure I’m terrified about the writing, and whether or not I have the chops, but I feel comfortable with the risk- that’s a first.

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