The road to hell..

There is a saying that “roads are paved with good intentions”.. No- after googling it, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” not at all what I meant. Also upon googling that quote I found that there are pages and pages about Travis Tritt and his song Best of Intentions.. who knew? Not me obviously.

Anyway I’ve been thinking about intentions, and more specifically, my intentions. Trying to find meaning around why we wait to the New Year to start something new or challenging, or why we wait for a Monday to begin that new workout plan or diet? Intentions, resolutions, purpose, objectives or life changes whatever we need to call it to make us feel like it’s not just another day when we are just wishing we could be doing better than we currently are.

So what am I trying to accomplish here? I am trying to break old habits. Old habits where I start a million “new” things and finish none. Leaving me frustrated, poorer, and often times with an overabundance of protein shake mix and chia seeds. I’m famous for finding all of the “necessary” tools, gear, clothes, or journals to get me started and stay on track. And 6 months later said journal is filled in up until week 2 and then nothing. Painful, empty pages, reminding me of my pathetic fall into the laziness abyss, again. This was all before I really even broke a sweat, even a metaphorical sweat. Why do people, ok me, why do I feel like everything has to be in the perfect alignment, staged for success before I can even start? Avoidance. Resistance. Laziness. Because the real work is hard. Not sexy, not glamorous, not even a little bit cool. It’s messy, it’s time consuming, it’s exhausting at times, and it can be lonely. And you have to go it alone.

Doing the work. Actually sitting down and doing the thing. THE THING that you most want to be great at, or succeed at, or finish. That is how you do it. Not planning the shit out of it, not waiting for the stars to align, just doing it gets you there. Nike wasn’t fucking around-they NAILED it with the JUST DO IT tag line- I mean.. marketing GENIUS.

So I’m JUST DOING IT. Again. I am setting out to be better than I was yesterday and the day before that, and definitely the day before that. It won’t always be literary gold, but it will be sitting down and doing the work. Because the chia seeds and protein shakes aren’t going to get this part done. It’s. Just. Not.

Signing off for today… Thanks for indulging me.

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