I’m sorry did you just call me a big mouth?

You know when it happens, but somehow you never see it coming. That moment when someone is saying something to you and you’re smiling, and moments later you realize (smile still hanging on your face) that you’ve been dissed, smacked down, insulted, zinged, slighted, whatever you want to call it, but you just know, and then somehow you’re left sitting there feeling shitty with the same stupid grin on your face.

I present exhibit A.

“friend”: I was listening to NPR and I heard about this job I think you’d love- you’d be great at it!

ME: Oh really what is it?

“friend”: It’s this writing job where you go into retirement homes and write the stories of the residents there to share their stories with their families.

Me: I love the idea of that- that would be tough to find ways to get people to open up and share,especially since most people don’t think they have a story to tell, but I guess it would be all about asking great questions.

“friend”: You love to talk and chat people up (and here’s where the zing came in) insert hand gesture – think duck quacking hands and then mouth the words “blah blah blah”. She drives it home with, ” I don’t imagine you’d have any trouble at all talking for a living.”

Ummmmmm. Yup. There it is, looks and smells like a compliment, but is definitely NOT a compliment.

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