My First Blog Post

Well hello…

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the very beginning. If you’ve stopped by it’s probably one of two things 1. you accidentally stumbled your way in here and you really should check the address again or 2. you are one of mine and I mumbled something about finally doing something about that blog thing, you didn’t believe me, and here you are.

It’s pretty quiet in here, a bit of an echo really. I am going to try and do something about that over the next year. As I closed out 2017 I thought I’d try something radical -ok- not radical but something new-ish for me anyway, and I would commit to a writing practice and see what happens. Feels scary.

To know me is to know that there is no shortage of words. I am long winded in my conversations, in my texts, in my emails, phone conversations, in my birthday cards! I have a lot to say and I’m not afraid to say it, so this should be easy right? Um. Sure. Easy…

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