Big Girl Panties

There are times you just have to suck it up. Grow a pair. Cowboy up – ok I’ve never said that, but people do. Grow a backbone, gut it out, or Just Do It (insert Nike swoosh here), but my very favorite one is Put your Big Girl Panties On. You know the ones of which I speak. The comfy 100% cotton pair. The pair that never fails to cover all of your wobbly bits, more than a little bit worn (read worn out) with the elastic band stretched beyond its intended width, but you put them on and you just KNOW you can tackle ANYTHING in them- those panties. You have to say to hell with all of it, this just has to happen, forget the nauseating fear of (potential) judgement and harsh reality that some people aren’t going to like it, the little whiney voice in the back of my mind (I call her the Little Bitch) that whispers “Hey you! yes you- over there faking it… people can see you, you should rethink this whole thing” You know the voice? Or is it just me?

For the longest time, if I’m being honest, which isn’t that the whole point of this thing? So let me restate that, for the most of the time I have been comfortable to just sit back and marvel at all of the talent out there in the world. People doing these amazing, creative things. Things that seem beyond any actual possibility for myself. And I just enjoy, from a couple of steps back, never really considering the possibility that I too could create something people marvel at.

Well that’s all about to change people! I’m putting it out there. Read it. Don’t read it. It’s all good with me. Just happy you stopped by to say “hi”.

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