Hi! Welcome to my little piece of real estate on the internet- my tiny spot on the world wide web!

My name is Becca Smith and I write this blog.

The ABOUT ME section is my most favorite part on anybody’s site- but man! Reeealllyyy F#$king hard to write apparently.

So I will handle it the way I handle most things, with a list, I love a great list!

  • I am an almost..ok a middle-aged woman
  • A wife to one hunk of a man (lucky me)
  • A mother to 2 amazing teen aged boys that do their best to keep me cool
  • A girlfriend to the amazing women in my life, no really, they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
  • A daughter to 2 wonderful parents that are still together
  • A self diagnosed sugar addict, coffee connoisseur, cheese fanatic- seriously it’s a struggle, and anything, literally just about anything dipped, wrapped, coated or sprinkled in chocolate
  • A Bibliophile- I Love BOOKS. I love the way they smell, the way they feel, the way it sounds to flip through the pages, Yes, I am taking it back here, waaay back, an actual book made of paper- old school. I just absolutely love to read- and I love to write, especially with a great pen. Some of the best advice I ever received was “Life is too short to use a shitty pen”
  • To know me is to realize, rather quickly, that I am never at a loss for words. Read- BIG MOUTH
  • AND I am here to maybe find the funny in life’s every day, the simple stuff, or maybe tackle the bigger questions in life, either way I’m doing the work. WRITE WRITE WRITE. Pages baby… pages.

Hope you stop by every so often.